Hoof Treatment


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DuraHoof maintains optimal footbath chemistry from the first cow to the last. Copper ions remain active longer to ensure adequate hoof hardness and a strong bacterial kill. All while using significantly less copper sulphate and reducing your footbath expense.

  • One step footbath concentrate combines the ideal amount of copper and HOOFMAX in a pre-mixed, easy-to-use solution.
  • Stays active for up to 500 cow passes in a 50-gal/200L footbath. No mixing or additional copper is required.
  • Promotes hoof hardness and helps control most forms of infectious hoof diseases..
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Whether you are a full time Hoof Care Specialist or a Farmer looking for the right equipment, The DP Hoof Care Store in Ireland and DP Agri in the UK are your one stop shop for all your Hoof Care requirements.

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